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Bad Credit Car Financing

Credit Express Canada specializes in approving bad credit, bankruptcy, customer proposal, poor credit, limited credit, no credit, fixed income, previous repossessions, limited job or residence stability car financing.

Since our establishment as a bad credit financing company we have refined and improved our methods in locking down a 100% approval for our valued customers. We help good people get approved for the car of their choice regardless of their credit situation.

Credit Express Canada Experts

Bad Credit should not stop you from receiving a top quality service. We view our customers as something more then a credit score, we view you as an individual. Even if you faced bad credit, poor credit or no credit issues in the past, our concern is for the future. We will help you get approved and guide you through credit improvement.

Our success rate is due to our personalized and focused approach to each individual client. Our highly trained consultants have years of experience in approving bad credit financing. They carefully asses each application and proceed in a way that is most beneficial to you as a customer. The first step is bringing up your credit score to determine the further course of action. We find the best deal available for you, get you approved and get you driving the car you need in no time.